Thin Dildos: It’s Simple But Does The Job Well!

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Dildos are surely great funs, if used in the correct way. And if you’re a beginner to dildos, you must consider thin dildos to start with. They are simple but using them will never give you the chance to regret. This post explores almost everything about thin dildos. Keep reading!

The Origin

Masturbation is an extremely healthy activity that, in my opinion, brings a woman closer to her sexuality. Besides, it allows her to get to know her body better and with this, she knows how to better guide her partner to provide the desired pleasure to her.

Today, dildos are part of the sex toy kit of almost all women. However, when it was invented in the 19th century, it was actually used to treat women who had symptoms of anxiety and melancholy. The story is very funny and if you want to know more , watch out the  film Hysteria, by Tanya Wexler.

Now, let’s get back to the specific type of dildo- the thin one! Despite different sizes and shapes, these have the basic function of stimulating the intimate region. They can be made of silicone, elastane, acrylic or cyber skin.

A Few Words of Greater Significance!!

Thin dildos are devices that can be magical for many women, especially when they can't reach orgasm just by penetration. To keep them safe and healthy, it is important to have some special care of them.

Some materials like latex can cause allergic reactions. If you have any type of allergy, stick to the manufacturer's information and the stamps of the National Health Surveillance Agency.

Another important precaution is cleaning. Yes, vibrators have to be cleaned! After use, wash them with antibacterial soap and let them dry well. The batteries and all electrical parts must be removed before washing.

One more thing, like the other varieties, thin dildos are also non-transferable items. So, due to the possibility of passing diseases like candidacies or herpes, it is not a good idea to share your thin dildo with others.

Is It Possible to Have Sex With A Thin Dildo?

I don't even have to answer, right! As I already showed, thin dildos are very interesting to be used together with a partner. But you can also innovate and use it dildo while being penetrated or at the time of foreplay.

But it is important to talk to your partner first. Although it is an excellent way to get sex out of the routine and try new experiences, many men are intimidated with the use of dildos or other sexual objects.

Now, Some Great Tips that Can Help You in Getting the Most out of the Use

Let’s get in to the topic directly!!

Plan Your Budget

There are thin dildos out there for all kinds of budgets. You can buy a very cheap basic one or you can get a better one with a better budget. You can even find dildos that you can control from the mobile phone, with multiple speed and functions. They are great to play distance with your partner!

Determine the Size  

The size of the thin dildos really matters. How to choose the size of your erotic toy? Before buying your thin dildo, be sure to check its insertable dimensions. You won't believe how many people buy one of those and then send it back after seeing it’s size. So, make sure to carefully read the descriptions of the product just like how these products' descriptions are written.

The Preparation

Wash your thin dildo before using it for the first time. Then find a comfortable and quiet place where you are not disturbed so you can focus on enjoying it. Remember, some dildos are louder than others. So, if you share a flat with other people, first, consider checking the noise of the same first and judge whether closing a door will work or not. As a rule, low-priced dildos are louder and those of better price are quieter.

Get To Point Up

Once everything is ready, apply some lubricant to your toy.  Thin dildos are not very good at preliminary games, so even women need some lubricant to get started. Experts always recommend the use of water-based lubricants since they are good for the materials of your toy, ensuring the durability of the same.


It is usually best to start slowly when you are using a new thin dildo. Touch and play with your dildo, before focusing on your pleasure points. After getting used to the toy, you can increase the pace and go ahead calmly.

How to Clean Thin Dildos?
Cleaning a dildo is not as bad as cleaning the garage or washing the car!! Here are three easy tips that can make the cleaning and caring for your dildo even easier. Let’s check them out now!!

Clean It Before and After Each Use

The easiest way to do this is to spray an antibacterial sex toy cleaner on it and then clean it with a lint-free towel. If you have a vibrating thin dildo, you don't have to worry about damaging the engine by cleaning it in this way.

Water Based Lubricants

Water-based lubricants are completely safe to use with all types of dildos, as well as preservatives. Other lubricants can cause chemical reactions with some materials such as silicone or rubber.

So, now when you know almost everything about thin dildos, what’s stopping you?? Order the best thin dildo for you today!! Trust me; it will help you in loving yourself in a much sensible way. Moreover, you will enjoy the acts of making yourself happy like never before!!