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Leo Santiago, 40

Leo is the founder of He was once a playboy who loved girls. After several years of indulging with women, he then experienced having sex with a woman, and a man, which altered his standard for sex. He became obsessed with having sex with men, and he thinks that nothing is wrong with it. Now, he spends time living the best times of his life and shares everything good about being gay.


Harvey Dunn, 25

Our lovely researcher. He makes sure that what you get on the website is as fresh as it can get. However, there are stories from the past that are too great not to tell. So, you will see some throwback posts from time to time. When Harvey is not working in the office, he spends time with his cute golden retriever named rainbow.


Bondi Peters, 27

Bondi is as pretty as Bondi beach in Australia but as bold as the waves. She is our reliable graphics designer who gets inspiration from gay pride music festivals and the beach. She loves to rave and hosts great parties in her beach house every year.


Cathy Brewer, 29

Cathy, now Carl is a transman who beams with so much sunshine in her personality. He takes care of the team's engagement events to ensure that we still have fun despite some busy days. We love Carl!