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Wingsoverthehills.org was founded by our now Editor-in-Chief Leo Santiago. He is thrilled by anything related to the LGBTQ community. That is why he spends a lot of time attending events, art galleries, and protests, to support, and at the same time learn more about it. This way, he could share his experiences with his readers.

This blog features anything that everyone can relate to. It features destinations, amazing restaurants, the latest gadgets, and more importantly, anything that can promote the gay community. Wingsoverthehills.org aims to be just like a normal blog that is run by a non-member of the gay society, but at the same time offers contents that appeal to everyone. We use our colorful gay personality to build this website, and we take pride in every post on our site.

We are also proud to say, that our members are very diverse in terms of gender orientation, and it’s proof that we can all co-exist without discrimination.

 Please enjoy your stay at wingsoverthehills.org! Tell us what you think!